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Fans, Filters & Ducting

Air circulation, extraction and odour control are major players in the world of hydroponics. Here at Legana PlantsPlus we stock quality fans of all sizes. Small rooms or big rooms, no problems we cover them all. Carbon filters are a necessity for odour control and once again we stock all sizes. To hang everything we have hanging ratchets and to tie everything together we have standard ducting or for the noise/heat conscious, we stock insulated acoustic ducting and a range of clamps.

To automate environmental control we have a range of fan controllers in stock and if you need a safe & reliable powerboard, then check out our electrical section.


Can-Fan RS
Can-Fan Max Pro Series
Can-Filters - Max-Fan Pro Series - 150mmCan-Fan Max-Fan Pro Series - 160mm

Fiberglass composite housing reduces noise
ETL Commercial/Industrial-rated
Manufactured in Germany
Built-in 2-speed controller
Optimized mixed flow is extremely energy efficient
Lower operational cost than traditional centrifugal fans
EZ Mount bracket included
5-year warranty
Can-Filters - Max-Fan Pro Series - 200mmCan-Fan Max-Fan Pro Series - 200mm
Can-Filters - Max-Fan Pro Series - 250mmCan-Fan Max-Fan Pro Series - 250mm
Can-Filters - Max-Fan Pro Series - 400mmCan-Fan Max-Fan Pro Series - 400mm
Can-Fan Iso-Max
Cultiv8 Computer Fans
In 100mm and 150mm
Cultiv8 Inline FanCultiv8 Inline Fans
In 100mm and 150mm
SeaHawk Clip Fans
SeaHawk Clip FanSeaHawk Clip Fan 15cm
Hydro Axis
HydroAxis Box FanHydroAxis Box Fan 30cm




5 metre Length
Silver DuctingSilver Ducting
In 100mm, 125mm, 150mm,
200mm, 250mm and 315mm
PVC Coated DuctingPVC Coated Ducting
In 100mm and 150mm
Acoustic DuctingAcoustic Ducting
In 100mm, 125mm, 150mm,
200mm and 250mm